Boris Brejcha releases brand new masterpiece ‘Lieblingsmensch’

Boris Brejcha, the German techno magician, is back with yet another mesmerising track, his latest release ‘Lieblingsmensch’ just dropped on Ultra Records. The artist has been on a roll for the past year, successfully releasing one amazing track after another, selling out shows all around the world and getting more and more recognition, topping it off by taking the 85th spot on DJ Mag’s contest, the Top 100 DJs poll. He is setting new trends on the music scene with his signature “high-tech minimal” sound and delivering unforgettable performances on his ongoing tour.

The translation of the tracks title ‘Lieblingsmensch’ is favorite human being, it carries an uplifting beat, while still preserving some of the darkness that we’re used to finding in his other tracks. It is a perfect mixture of dynamic synths, thumping bass, melodic twists and other texturising electronic elements. Everything is combined into a 8-minute long masterpiece that will definitely take you on a journey to another dimension with its mysterious sound.

Boris Brejcha truly is one of the hardest working talents in the techno scene at the moment and really deserves the attention that he has been getting. He made his debut on the scene back in 2006 with ‘Monster’ and ‘Yellow Kitchen’, now, 13 years later, he is shaping the genre as never before with his own signature style. No matter where Boris performs the crowd loves him, he just finished a North America tour and is currently touring some of the biggest European cities, with a special, Boris Brejcha in Concert show. There is much more that we can expect from the artist in 2020, starting out with his album ‘Space Diver’, which is expected to drop in January on Ultra Records. There are also new tour dates constantly adding to his webpage, so make sure to check it out and catch him on his next show.

Stream the short edit of ‘Lieblingsmensch’ below and check out the full version here.


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