GRAVEDGR – WARDOGZ Feat. City Morgue

Expanding his imprint even further, Carnage’s Heavyweight Records is now rising up there with the top artist record labels of the electronic music scene. With a lot of releases from himself and other top artists, it has become one of the labels that aspiring artists aim to showcase their tracks on. Producers like Timmy Trumpet, Will Sparks and Luca Lush have all featured on Heavyweight Records since the start-up moment in 2017. One artist, though, that has been extremely prevalent in releasing often on the label aside from Carnage is GRAVEDGR.

GRAVEDGR’s debut on Heavyweight was the powerful track ‘RAMPAGE’ which has since amassed around 11 Million streams just on Spotify alone. Since then, he has released nearly ten more tracks on the label, quickly becoming one of the staple artists at the forefront and there isn’t any stopping him. His signature masked look has been capturing audiences worldwide and his dedicated fanbase have stuck by his side for each show and release. Building an empire, this whirlwind of energy and hard-hitting beats has unveiled his newest release on Heavyweight Records, ‘WARDOGZ’ featuring NYC-based group City Morgue.

Coming through once more with a brilliant production, this is the follow up to single 6 FEET UNDER, and will continue the story that was started in that track in the buildup to his debut album release.

“This is one of my favorite tracks on the album. It’s the most intense/in your face drop you’ll hear for a while. I can’t wait to play this one out all next year! It’s going to be a moshing anthem, mark my words. NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE!” – GRAVEDGR

The first thing that is extremely evident within ‘WARDOGZ’ is that it wastes no time getting to the point. With haunting, punching beats that make an entryway for the urban rap vocals by City Morgue, the drop then comes in to obliterate everything. This one is a true mosher/rail breaking anthem that will destroy everything in sight!

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