A monster record is expected to be released by Diplo and Paul Woolford

Just when we thought 2020 could not get any better in the music industry, Paul Woolford has shared he will be working on a new record with the one and only Diplo. As Paul Woolford continues to showcase his eclectic sound by his rave alias Special Request , listeners are in for a special treat as they can expect a monstrous record to showcase both of these artists production capabilities.

After a solid year for Diplo which consisted of launching his house imprint known as “Higher Ground,” the sky really is the limit for this Grammy-award winning producer as he unarguably pleases his fan base with his unique taste in music and not to mention his adventurous fashion style to draw attention from around the globe. Besides modelling in GQ and being a significant part of dance music trio Major Lazer, this iconic collaboration will be the first from these artists which fans are eagerly anticipating to connect with on a personal level.

With Woolford providing a hint to his fans by releasing a photo of Diplo on his official Instagram, be sure to keep an eye out on these two artists regarding the release date of this highly anticipated record.


Image Credit: Diplo (Press)

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