Alan Walker x Ava Max

Alan Walker drops new crossover hit ‘Alone Pt. II’

Alan Walker, who is not only famous for his signature black mask and chart-topping hits but also he dedicates himself to produce high-quality music videos with a deeper meaning. His newest release features the vocals of pop wonder, Ava Max, and for a mysterious reason, it is called ‘Alone pt. II.’

The first part of ‘Alone’ saw the day of light back in 2016 and has almost a billion views on the DJ’s official YouTube channel. The video clip features ‘the Walkers’ (that is how his fans are named) who are called upon a mission to gather and show the world that we are never alone.

“Anyone can be a Walker” says Alan. “We are all equals, and we can all achieve amazing things.”

However, the brand new ‘Alone pt. II.’ doesn’t show many similarities to part one. Instead, its official music video is the second episode of a new video trilogy ‘World of Walker’. The storyline continues from ‘On My Way’ ft. Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko, released last year.

It has only been 5 years since Alan Walker paved his way to the global music industry with his breakthrough single, ‘Faded’ (that obviously had to show up on our Top 100 list of biggest tracks of the decade). Now, half a decade later, he is the proud holder of the prestigious RIAA certified Gold status, as his album ‘Different World’ is amassing more than 2 billion streams and video views in the US.

The 22-year-old Norwegian electronic music producer and DJ, however, refuses to stop at only conquering radio top lists. He is taking the opportunity to raise mental health awareness and bring a positive change into the world through his music and community.

He is also busy building his own brand to really engage with his fans. His latest project ‘The Walker Excavations’ is a digital escape room-style platform that takes place in the World of Walker universe. Fans will play as the characters from the ongoing music video trilogy (“On My Way,” “Alone Pt. II” and an upcoming single to be released in 2020) and will have to find clues to solve puzzles and advance through the rooms. The storyline will follow that of the music videos and a total of 5 rooms will be released over the course of the trilogy campaign. The online game is completely free, you can be part of the experience by clicking here.

Until the final episode of the ‘World of Walker’, let enjoy the music video of Alone Pt. II.

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