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Norwegian DJ and producer Alan Walker and pop sensation Ava Max have released a live version of their track, 'Alone Pt.II', accompanied by a theatrical music video filmed in the French castle, Château de Fontainebleau. The powerhouse performance by the 'Sweet But Psycho' singer, backed up with clean, moombahton-inspired production by Walker, has already struck a chord with audiences, amassing 7.7 million views on

Norwegian wunderkind Alan Walker is taking up the biggest festival and club stages around to the world, with playing major festivals across the globe throughout the year. It has now been announced that Alan Walker will hold a residency in one of Las Vegas' biggest and best clubs, Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, spanning over 60,000 square-foot / 5574.18 sqm and

Alan Walker, who is not only famous for his signature black mask and chart-topping hits but also he dedicates himself to produce high-quality music videos with a deeper meaning. His newest release features the vocals of pop wonder, Ava Max, and for a mysterious reason, it is called 'Alone pt. II.' The first part of 'Alone' saw the day of light