Home Uncategorized Tiësto collab with Ava Max ‘The Motto’ is one of the most played tunes in cars for 2023
Tiësto collab with Ava Max ‘The Motto’ is one of the most played tunes in cars for 2023
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Tiësto collab with Ava Max ‘The Motto’ is one of the most played tunes in cars for 2023

Home Uncategorized Tiësto collab with Ava Max ‘The Motto’ is one of the most played tunes in cars for 2023

Rerev recently delved into a comprehensive investigation to unveil the most played tunes in cars for the year 2023. In assembling this list, the experts at Rerev scrutinized Spotify playlists that garnered likes ranging from 100,000 to 1 million, specifically focusing on those with titles featuring keywords like “driving,” “car,” and related expressions. Only songs added in 2023 were taken into account and were sorted based on their frequency in driving playlists.

The final ranking was determined by the number of streams, resulting in a definitive list of the hottest driving songs of the recent months.

Taking the lead with a whopping 1.73 billion streams is “Mood” by 24kGoldn, securing its position as the most streamed car song in 2023. Initially gaining popularity on TikTok in 2020, the track continues to dominate car playlists, setting the perfect vibe for extended drives. Following closely in second place is Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart,” amassing approximately 1.54 billion streams, trailing “Mood” by a margin of about 200 million. The song, recounting Post’s high school heartbreak, resonates with many drivers and has become a go-to choice for car playlists. Securing the third spot is In My Mind by Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino, boasting over 1.32 billion streams. With its refreshing and danceable Deep House vibes, this track’s beats and memorable melodies make it an ideal companion for road trips.

The fourth position is claimed by the iconic “Ni**as In Paris” by JAY-Z and Kanye West, clocking in at around 1.24 billion streams. Renowned for its lively beat, the track quickly gained popularity and became a staple in driving playlists. A$AP Rocky’s “Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” featuring Skepta takes the fifth spot, pulling in over 1.05 billion streams. Trending on TikTok propelled this song to the top of car playlists shortly after its release. Occupying the sixth place is M83’s Synth Pop hit “Midnight City,” amassing approximately 949 million streams. Celebrating city life and the vibrant nightlife, its lyrics make it an ideal soundtrack for nighttime drives through the city.

“Come & Go” by Juice WRLD and Marshmello claims the seventh spot, collecting around 879 million streams. Despite Juice’s passing, the song’s relatable themes of dealing with depression and anxiety, combined with its blend of Pop Punk and Hip Hop, make it a persistent favorite in driving playlists. Polo G’s “RAPSTAR” secures the eighth position with around 824 million streams. The catchy ukulele-backed beat, coupled with the artist’s exploration of relationships, emotions, fame, and wealth, cements its status as a perfect tune for drivers. The electronic notes of “The Motto” by Tiësto and Ava Max grab the ninth spot, boasting approximately 690 million streams. Its electrifying composition and beats make it a sought-after addition to driving playlists.

Tenth place goes to A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane,” amassing about 689 million streams. While TikTok played a role in boosting its popularity, the song’s rhythm and beat, reminiscent of 1999’s hip hop classics, make it a top choice for car rides. Claiming the eleventh position is “Everyday,” another A$AP Rocky track featuring a mix of artists, collecting around 584 million streams. The beat drop, rhythm, and compelling lyrics make this multi-artist collaboration a standout choice for driving playlists, highlighting the continued dominance of the hip hop genre.

Jack Harlow’s “Tyler Herro” secures the twelfth place with nearly 478 million streams. Its catchy beat aligns it with other favorites on the list, showcasing the enduring popularity of the Hip-Hop genre among road trip playlists. The thirteenth spot is not far behind, taken by 2Pac’s timeless masterpiece, “Changes,” with 473 million streams. Addressing themes of race, class, and politics, the song’s message and rhythm still resonate with many drivers today, solidifying its status as a staple on car playlists. Finally, the fourteenth place is claimed by 2 Chainz’s thrilling “We Own It,” boasting around 431 million streams. Serving as the Fast and Furious soundtrack, its driving and rhythmic beats make it a go-to choice for car playlists.

The report highlights the significant presence of electronic music in the 2023 car playlist landscape. Tiësto collaboration with Ava Max, “The Motto,” emerges as a standout electronic track, captivating drivers with its energizing beats and vibrant composition which was showcased on Tiësto latest album ‘Drive‘. Additionally, the infectious electronic vibes continue with “In My Mind” by Dynoro & Gigi D’Agostino, contributing to the diverse soundscapes that define the most played tunes on the road this year. These electronic notes add a dynamic and exhilarating dimension to the driving experience, showcasing the genre’s enduring popularity among music enthusiasts on the go.


Image Credit: Tiësto (Press) by Beau Grealy / provided by Atlantic Records

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