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Avicii anticipated ‘Forever Yours’ has an official release date thanks to Kygo

Less than 3 weeks after a studio quality version of one of Avicii’s most loved unreleased tracks, ‘Forever Yours’, was leaked online, an official release has been confirmed. The announcement came from Norwegian DJ and producer, Kygo, who debuted his tribute mix of ‘Forever Yours’ live with Sandro Cavazza at the Avicii Tribute Concert in December last year. According to UMusic (Universal Music Group) the track will be titled, ‘Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute)’, a fitting name for what is sure to be an emotional listen.

Kygo himself took to Instagram, revealing the cover art and the release date.

He captioned the post:

“January 24th.. This one is special ❤️”

A heartfelt message from Kygo, who of course, simply judging by the track artwork, does not seem to be releasing the track with any other intent than purely to pay respect to his idol, as his name is left out of the track title. Kygo’s tribute can be heard throughout the track, most noticeably in the second half of the drops where he employs his signature vocal chops, a fitting tribute to his inspiration. For a more comprehensive description of the leaked audio, read here.

The track artwork itself is also a tribute to Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, which depicts the road trip Avicii and his friends, including Sandro Cavazza, went on in 2016, arriving in Miami in time for his headline set at Ultra 2016. The group set up an outside studio in various locations across the American countryside, producing in locations such as the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. These jam sessions were livestreamed on his Youtube, which can be watched here. According to UMusic, it was during this trip that Sandro played an early version of ‘Forever Yours’ to Tim. An official statement from the music group says:

“Tim immediately started working on it on the tour bus and played a demo at the festival. The song was never completed or released while Tim was alive, but now Kygo and Sandro have together produced a version to honor his memory.”

Kygo and Sandro will also be discussing the process of finishing the song without Avicii, which will be uploaded on the 24th as well.

Avicii fans all over the world will be no doubt over-joyed by this announcement. Being able to hear Avicii’s tracks as he would have loved to have heard them is a dream come true for fans, and whilst this reignites the hope for more Avicii music in the future, we must be grateful to Avicii’s collaborators and family, who have allowed this track to be released. ‘Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute)’ is set to be released on January 24th, and with Kygo’s masterful touch, it is sure to please fans all over the world.

To pre-save the song, head to the official release page here.

If you’re like us and can’t wait for January 24th, watch the video below to relive Kygo and Sandro Cavazza performing ‘Forever Yours’ live for the first time at the Avicii Tribute Concert.


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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