Tchami puts his signature on Diplo & Valentino Khan’s hit ‘JustYourSoul’: Listen

Tchami has just blessed us with his remix of Diplo and Valentino Khan‘s ‘JustYourSoul’.

Diplo and Valentino Khan released the house track in July 2019 on Mad Decent and was later released as the closing track to Khan’s ‘House Party EP, adding to the “house” fever that seems to have taken ahold of many producers recently.  But when it comes to house music, Tchami is a seasoned veteran.

Tchami (Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso) is regarded as a “pioneer of future house” and is known for creating some of the most recognizable house tracks across the globe such as After Life and Adieu‘.  In 2015, Tchami helped assemble the French DJ collective Pardon My French, which consists of DJ Snake, Malaa, and Mercer, for the purpose of bringing French producers together to spread electronic dance music across the world.  Tchami has also released two singles in 2019, ‘Rainforest‘ and ‘Omega‘.

Tchami takes the original track and adds a fresh coat of paint starting from the introduction to the song that would make any house-lovers’ (or Tchami fans) ears perk up.  He begins with a house-standard ambient pad that plays along with the vocal sample to lead us into the heart of the song where you can expect a metallic-sounding mallet for the melody of the drop.  Tchami remix’s this song respectfully by simply adding elements to the song rather than dissecting each component and rearranging them.

Expect to hear this song being played across each stage this festival season, but until then you can listen to ‘JustYourSoul’ (Tchami Remix) here.

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