Premiere: Everfish – Singularity

Adopting the moniker Everfish, Ryan Fish is a San Francisco-based artist who is looking to make a change in the electronic scene with his musical talent and stunning original productions. What is totally unique about him as an artist is that he never fails on creating a story within his music, and it’s one of the things that drives his productions each time. Wanting to make the listener feel like they’re being taken on a journey into a new and unexplored world, Everfish pays close attention to each tiny detail to build up his tracks and when they come together to culminate in the finished product, it’s simply unreal. You can hear this evidently in his other works such as ‘Vanquish’ or ‘Odyssey’ and now we are proud to present the latest single ‘Singularity’.

Carrying on with the story telling theme that he has adopted into his work, ‘Singularity’ takes place on a spaceship and tells the story of a captain and his pilot getting pulled towards a black hole. Already an enticing concept, it is made even more enticing by the talents of Everfish and his ability to cross music with story-making. A dark and powerful production, it does a great job of setting up the space setting in just a few notes, wasting no time in exploring this fictional world. Diving headfirst into the fun world of psy-trance/psy-bass, it mixes commanding vocals with the thumping beats familiar to the world of psy-trance with a new twist to keep it fun and interesting. This is certainly a track that you seriously don’t want to miss out on listening to, and will easily become your 2020 anthem.

This is a truly different and unique production that deserves to be listened to, so check it the newest Everfish single ‘Singularity’ below and enjoy it!


Image Credit: Everfish (Press)

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