i_o releases second instalment of three part EP series ‘NRG 444’

The world renowned techno artist known as i_o clearly has no limits to his abilities. Hacking the electronic music industry one release at a time, i_o combines dark heavy grooves along with evolving melodies to bring that underground vibe to any dance floor. After delivering an outstanding b2b performance with TESTPILOT at last years Creamfields, i_o is no stranger to the techno scene as he continues to showcase his signature heavy sound. Following the release of  ACID 444, which was the first instalment of his three-part album ‘444’ on mau5trap, the Los Angeles-based producer is making his mark in the industry by delivering the second part of the project known as ‘NRG 444.’

As the initial three-part album was named after a obscure New York City Underground venue, 444 is a three-part series of four tracks each as a nod to the number. With the three instalments all telling a story of the different areas of dance music that defines i_o as an artist, the first segment – known as ‘ACID 444‘ – reflects i_o’s initial warehouse roots and was released last year. Twisting up his production style, ‘NRG 444‘ fulfils a much more intensive and uptempo approach to techno which can easily ignite the main room during peak hours. Always on ‘Another Level,’ i_o fires up the dance floor with a fast tempo tech house beat fused with several monstrous instrumentals echoing throughout the track.

Going deep into the underground for this year, the second track ‘Dancing 2020‘ features a filthy bass line and low tempo vocals to entice any listener to experience those good old main room vibes. With a love for sex, drugs and techno, the next track has a clear ‘Parental Advisory‘ for all those underage in the scene currently. With a rough back drop of drum claps, high pitched frequencies and subtle bass lines, i_o makes it clear that he is calling out all those techno enthusiasts for this one. To end things off in the most aggressive way possible, ‘This Is Rave‘ consists of contagious bass lines and a fury of futuristic instrumentals to get your adrenaline fix. With the third part of 444 to be released later this year, listeners can expect a more melodic and progressive inspired sound to perfectly balance out the highly anticipated project.

Check out the second instalment of the album and let us know your favourite track in the comments below.

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