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Paul van Dyk unravels meaningful new release ‘Duality’

As the second single from his upcoming album “Guiding Light”, trance heavyweight Paul van Dyk has released a reflective anthem “Duality”.

His forthcoming album, released in April, is largely inspired by the recovery from his famous accident at A State of Trance 750, more specifically a book he read in his recuperation process. As a result of his readings, a lot of his new music portrays different elements of his accident and takes on new meaning. For example, this new release, “Duality”, is a way for him to represent his awakening from unconsciousness, the gathering of awareness of his circumstances and how he began to confront them.

Creatively, Paul Van Dyk has crafted a provocative piece of art in “Duality”. In his signature style, the track is built with intensity which builds with gripping top-lines and thought provoking melodies. He has truly hit an emotional note with this release beyond any of his other recent works, receiving huge support from fellow trance DJs and organisations with some describing it as some of the most exciting Paul Van Dyk standalone in years.

Looking past this release there is much more to come from the 48-year-old German producer and DJ. “Guiding Light”, his 10th artist album, is now available for pre-order and will feature “Parallel Dimension” and the aforementioned “Duality” upon its worldwide release in April; you can already find details on the extensive track-list here! Van Dyk is also set to take this new music on tour this month, venturing through the states and into Europe in the coming months.


Image Credit: Christoph Köstlin / Provided by Stark Profiles PR


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