Pierro returns with huge new release, ‘Machine Elves’

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, producer Pierro has followed his 2019 super-saw infused anthem, ‘Revelations’ with his latest underground heater, ‘Machine Elves’. The record blends dark, enchanting bass elements with an uplifting melody, crafting a track that is perfectly suited to be played at underground raves – and make the crowd let loose.

According to Pierro, the title of the record comes from stories of timeless elves from different dimensions, which have the ability to conjure objects through singing. This mythical inspiration has been infused into the track, prominent in the highly processed, dreamy vocal elements. But Pierro doesn’t stop there, he combines this mystical aspect of the track with hard techno and progressive elements to give a unique atmosphere to the record, an atmosphere that you can almost imagine crowds dancing to for hours.

With Sweden always being known for its innovative dance music icons, such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, and Eric Prydz, just to name a few, it’s no surprise to see the next generation of artists pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. With its booming kick, rolling baseline and a mystical arpeggiator, ‘Machine Elves’ is sure to get you pumping. Be sure to stream it here.


Image Credit: Pierro (Press)

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