Home Uncategorized Ummet Ozcan announces new €1 synth plugin ‘Genesis Pro’
Ummet Ozcan announces new €1 synth plugin ‘Genesis Pro’
Ummet Ozcan announces new €1 synth plugin, ‘Genesis Pro’
Image Credit: Ummet Ozcan (Press)

Ummet Ozcan announces new €1 synth plugin ‘Genesis Pro’

Home Uncategorized Ummet Ozcan announces new €1 synth plugin ‘Genesis Pro’

After eight years in the making, Dutch DJ and producer, Ummet Ozcan, has announced his own synthesiser, Genesis Pro. The announcement came in the form of a 16 minute and 16 second video uploaded to Ozcan’s Youtube channel, the video itself runs through the vast array of features the plugin has to offer, gives a glimpse into why he chose to develop it in the first place, and explains the reasoning behind the €1 price tag.

Ozcan starts the video by explaining his love of sound and how it has always been his dream to craft the ultimate synthesizer. He admits to sneaking into his older brother’s room to use his drum machines and sequences, expressing his love or sound by stating:

“As a young kid I was always fascinated by sound itself, how you can manipulate it, what you can do with it, or what you can achieve with it.”

Ozcan explains how Genesis Pro is different to other VSTs throughout the video, some of the most notable features are that the program works with multiple layers, giving the example that each oscillator has its own filter assigned to it. In addition, the ‘Alpha Knob’ is a knob that can control multiple other knobs through linking. Another feature Ozcan outlines is ‘Intelligent Chord Mode’, which is designed to help people who aren’t trained pianists, allowing the user to route extensive chords to one note, making the creation of chord progressions easier. Also, ‘Dynamic Link’ is a separate VST that comes with Genesis Pro which allows for real-time manipulation of sound, plus many more features. Watch the video here to discover the plethora of features this synth has to offer.

He also gives a rare glimpse into how he made the VST himself, showing how the team behind the plugin connected hundreds of thousands of ‘wires’ to ‘modules’ over an eight-year period. He likens it to a brain, stating that:

“It’s a digital version of my music brain.”

If the ability to have Ozcan’s digital music brain at your fingertips doesn’t get you excited for the Genesis Pro, I’m not sure what will. Due to the complex nature of the program, he adds that it will probably take producers at least a whole year to learn all of the features.

He closes the video with a heartfelt message:

“I know in my career i did not spend too much time in making tutorials or helping out upcoming producers because basically next to do my shows and making music I was spending all my extra time in finishing Genesis, but after eight years no of hard work, it’s finally finished. And this will be my contribution to the music industry.”

And what a contribution it is. Ummet Ozcan is now a name that will synonymously be associated with the music industry for decades to come, due to the revolutionary nature of this synth, especially with the €1 price tag. Keep an eye on this page for the release, set for February.


Image Credit: Ummet Ozcan (Press)

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