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Benny Benassi cancels tour, opens up about quarantine in Italy

Benny Benassi is a true legend in the electronic music scene. Serving us banger after banger for many years now, he’s one of the most respected and well-loved artists in the dance community and unfortunately, he’s one of the most affected due to the coronavirus pandemic which is sweeping the world due to it’s fast-paced spread.

Being from Italy, Benny is now part of the countrywide lockdown in which the Italian government has reinforced due to a rapid amount of cases and deaths (the current death toll is over 1,000) affecting the beautiful country. Taking to his Instagram page to update his fanbase, he has had to unfortunately cancel his upcoming North America tour which would’ve seen him play in Miami, Los Angeles and more places. Explaining the quarantine further, him and every other Italian has been advised to keep social contact down to a minimum and is honest about how tough the situation is, but also how necessary it is too.

To squash any concerns from passionate fans, he also goes on to say that he is completely fine and is not affected by the virus other than being confined to his home. There’s no word on if his tour dates will be rescheduled yet, but we can assume he will try and be back sooner than later to make up for cancellations. You can read his full statement below.

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To all my fans worldwide. As some of you may already know, my country Italy has been hit hard by Coronavirus. Now the whole nation is in quarantine and, like everyone else, I have to stay at home and reduce social contact to an absolute minimum. It’s very tough but it’s necessary. The only way to defeat this disease is to contain it. Everyone has to help, no exceptions, if we want to get through this. I am legally and morally obliged not to travel. So I won’t be able to play the scheduled shows in North America this month. I hope everyone understands. Don’t worry about me, I am fine! I hope you are all fine too and if you live in an area that’s affected by the virus, please follow my example and do what the Authorities ask you to do. We’re all in this together. Together we will win. ??❤️

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