Cercle Festival 2020 sells out in only 34 minutes

Tickets for this year’s instalment of Cercle Festival sold out only 34 minutes after they went live. The multi-faceted festival, which year-after-year pushes the boundaries of sound, visuals and unique locations, is going to be held in Paris, at the National Museum of Air and Space, which is situated at the Paris-Le Bourget airport. Running for two days and featuring three stages and 25 artists, Cercle Festival 2020 is certainly shaping up to be a highlight on this year’s festival calendar.

The company behind the festival, Cercle, are a leading live-streaming site that features DJ sets and live performances in unique and unusual places, all broadcast to Facebook for fans stream with the aim of promoting artists and venues. Since 2016, Cercle have expanded by holding their own festival, and have been crafting experiences for festival-goers like no other. Stating on their website that they produce:

“Unique experiences, by organizing, filming and broadcasting concerts in carefully selected locations around the world. Our prime goal is to showcase cultural heritage sites and landmarks through the prism of electronic music and video.”

And with such a unique location as Paris’ National Museum of Air and Space, it is no wonder why it sold out in only 34 minutes. This year’s lineup features artists, such as Black Coffee, ARTBATAmelie LensCharlotte de Witte, and Jeremy Olander: definitely not a lineup you will want to miss if you love underground. This unique festival experience is not one any festival-goer wants to miss, so if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, congratulations. For those of you that weren’t so lucky, we can tune in to the official Cercle livestream, held on May 30-31.

Cercle continue to prove why they really are at the top of the festival and event game. Can they challenge the likes of Tomorrowland in years to come?

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