Ferry Corsten unveils new album ‘As Above So Below’ under alias Ferr

Dutch legend Ferry Corsten has just presented his brand new album ‘As Above So Below‘, under his alias Ferr. Showing his most personal, melancholic and emotional version, this album is out now on Armada Music.

After anticipating the release of the new album, the iconic artist, one of the most important faces in the trance music history, decided to take on a new project called Ferr, announcing this in a truly deep open letter addressed to his fans. In it, he explained the less glamorous and problematic side of the hectic touring life and the artistic obligation of producing music for others rather than just yourself. Now, releasing this touching compilation, Ferry Corsten gave his view on the new ‘As Above So Below’ album:

‘I normally produce with a certain structure in mind, which is mostly designed for the dancefloor amongst other things. For this album, however, I went in with a completely blank piece of paper, shut off the autopilot and just went with the flow. No rules, no overthinking. Just let it come naturally. That was one of the biggest changes to how I approached the whole process of making this album.’

This new project presents 15 high quality tracks that range between orchestral, cinematic and avant-garde style, in which understanding the context and the story behind each track is key to really get the message that Ferry wants to transmit. It shows a version never seen before from the artist, where you can really feel Ferry’s thoughts and the amount of emotions put into his music, running away from the energetic and commercial sounds and adopting a relaxed and pure acoustic tone that ultimately shows the concept of the desired peace of mind in life.

Listen to the new Ferry Corsten album under his new alias Ferr ‘As Above so Below’:


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