Insomniac is livestreaming sets from HARD, EDC and Okeechobee on Insomniac Rewind

Insomniac Events is livestreaming round-the-clock sets ranging from 2015-2019 for all Insomniac-run festivals such as HARD Summer, EDC (Orlando, Mexico, Las Vegas) and Okeechobee. The live-stream started March 19th and is expected to run until March 31st via Insomniac Rewind on YouTube. At this point in time, many, if not all festivals have been either postponed or cancelled due to the current global pandemic COVID-19.  While many artists and fans alike try to navigate through these tough times, we have seen many festival organizers and artists make the best of the circumstances at this terrible time, but the show will go on, even in a pandemic.

This online treat follows after another Insomniac Event, Beyond Wonderland went virtual for their Virtual-Rave-A-Thon which was a live-stream from the Insomniac Studios and featured artists such as Mija, Svdden Death, MONXX and Drezo, to name a few, which are still available to view on the Insomniac Rewind YouTube channel.

To see your favorite DJs in action, below are the set times for the Insomniac Rewind:

11:00am-12:16pm – EDC Mexico 2020 – Armin van Buuren
12:16pm-1:17pm – EDC Mexico 2020 – Tweekacore
1:17pm-2:15pm – EDC Mexico 2020 – Big Wild
2:15pm-3:31pm – EDC Mexico 2020 – DJ AniMe
3:31pm-5:30pm – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Illenium
5:30pm-6:43pm – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Mija
6:43pm-8:09pm – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Dillon Francis
8:09pm-9:12pm – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Excision
9:12pm-10:00pm – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Billy Kenny
10:00pm-10:56pm – EDC Mexico 2020 – Party Favor
10:56pm-11:50pm – EDC Mexico 2020 – Elohim
11:51pm-12:46am – EDC Mexico 2020 – Danny Howard

12:46pm-2:13am – EDC Mexico 2020 – JAUZ
2:13am-3:24am – EDC Mexico 2020 – Lil Texas
3:25am-4:15am – EDC Mexico 2020 – Kutski
4:15am-5:28am – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Afrojack
5:28am-6:26am – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Alison Wonderland b2b Diplo b2b Jauz
6:26am-7:26am – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Dirty Phonics b2b Habstrakt
7:26am-8:50am – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Alesso
8:50am-10:22am – EDC Las Vegas 2017 – Above & Beyond

Watch Insomniac Rewind live as we speak below: