Tchami and BloodPop provide top notch production on Lady Gaga track ‘Stupid Love’

The pop sensation known as Lady Gaga has made quite the name for herself since the beginning of her monumental career. Recognised for her flamboyant costumers and enticing vocals, Gaga has consistently given the impression that the world was not ready for her when the pop star hit the stage. With pure energy and charisma throughout her live performances, Gaga was only getting started with hit releases such as ‘Poker Face’ and dance club heater ‘Just Dance.’ After epic collaborations with artists such as Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, she has already established herself as a one of a kind pop artists in the industry. With a eye for musical talent, just last year Lady Gaga collaborated with house connoisseur Tchami for an sensational advertisement for her new beauty brand ‘Haus Laboratories.’ The energetic star has called upon Tchami and BloodPop for their top notch production skills with the release of her vibrant single ‘Stupid Love‘.

Intertwining pop and electronic music, Lady Gaga’s catchy vocals bring out the Gaga we all fell in love with from the start. Looking happier and more free than ever, Gaga’s contagious energy does not go unnoticed throughout the single. As her stunning vocals flow perfectly with Tchami’s use of bouncy breaks and relentless percussion patterns, it is unarguable that Tchami and Lady Gaga – along with the influence of BloodPop – are a match made in heaven. If there was one single to make you want to find love and dance at the same time, it is this one. With Lady Gaga’s LG6 album on the way, stay tuned for more information coming soon.

Check out the track and let us know if you dig this collaboration in the comments below.


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