Mark Knight

Mark Knight releases anthemic soulful house track ‘If It’s Love’

Through times like these, we all need our spirits lifted and music is always here to do that. In addition to new experiences such as seeing DJs broadcasting live sets from their homes, some more good news: great tracks being released weekly. One of the highlights of Friday’s new tracks was ‘If It’s Love‘ by the house legend Mark Knight featuring Laura Davie & The Melody Men released on Knight’s very own label Toolroom Records.

A few days before the launch of the track, the British DJ/Producer explained in his Instagram that one of his plans as an artist for 2020 is to maximise his skills as a producer and at the same time return to his roots with the exploration of soulful house in his music resulting in productions which will remain in people’s mind when they look back to revisit their favourite songs of their generation.

It is too early to define what will be the legacy of ‘If It’s Love‘ for the scene. What can be said is that this track contains all the elements to become one of the greatest hits of 2020, thanks to this mind-blowing vocal with powerful lyrics, massive strings and stunning house chords. It can be seen that this song was made with heart and conveys a positive message to fans, something that Mark Knight desired since the beginning.

Don’t miss out and listen to ‘If It’s Love‘ below.

Image Credit: Mark Knight (Press) / Provided by namemusic PR

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