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Porter Robinson – Something Comforting

After not releasing any solo Porter Robinson material since 2014 with debut album ‘Worlds’ (not counting ‘Shelter’, which was a collaboration with Madeon, and the Virtual Self work), he revealed not long ago that he was finally returning to the scene with not only a new track but a new album titled ‘Nurture’. He kicked off the new era with a fantastic new track, Get Your Wish, and not only was his fanbase exploding with excitement but his fellow producer friends also. It seemed like the entire electronic music world was talking about his return, and we can’t blame them as not only does he have one of the most stunning and versatile discographies but his work has greatly inspired many producers of today.

Continuing the momentum of the new era, Porter announced – one day before the release – that a new track ‘Something Comforting’ was being released, and now it’s landed onto our streaming services. One thing that we definitely know before he releases anything is that it’s going to be nothing short of great, and this new track is no different in that sense.

It starts off with a beautifully relaxing guitar-like sound, and then his unmistakable angelic vocals come in to truly set the track off in a wonderful way. The same vocal effect that you may recognise from previous single ‘Get Your Wish’ is also used here, tying the two tracks together. The drop then comes in and it truly feels like the perfect jump from the ‘Worlds’ era to this brand new one. Never dropping the ball, this is another fantastic production from the mastermind that is Porter Robinson.

Listen to the track down below, and view a video posted by Porter here where he goes into depth explaining the meaning behind ‘Something Comforting’.


Image Credit: Rukes.com


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