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Scooter launch ‘I Want You To Stream’ campaign

While the world is slowly shutting down and governments are urging people #StayHome and practice social distancing in order to contain the spread of COVID-19, commonly referred to as the Coronavirus, more and more artists are jumping on-board with streaming performances right into your living room, and German techno/hardcore legends Scooter are one of them. On Friday the trio streamed a massive performance right into the living room to urge people, practice social distancing with the tagline ‘I WANT YOU TO STREAM !!!‘.

Scooter has been active since 1993, which makes them amongst the longest active German artists in the industry and has earned popularity with their timeless classics like ‘Hyper, Hyper‘ or ‘How Much Is The Fish?‘ and holds various Gold and Platinum records for selling over 30 million records. As a lot of DJs and producers are live-streaming sets at this time of club closures, event cancellations or postponements amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, Scooter jumped on-board this idea as well and streamed a performance for a little more than an hour.

The setup of their live stream is actually quite impressive as it contains a fully-blown stage, with lasers and even pyro-techniques included. Check out the replay on YouTube and take a look at it yourself!

Picture Credit: Sven Mandel


Image Credit: Ed Webster via Flickr

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