ZHU and Cercle join forces for mesmerizing DJ performance

Cercle keeps pushing the boundaries of entertainment through their jaw-dropping locations and one of a kind performances. In this edition, Cercle teams up with the American artist ZHU at Japan’s beautiful Hakuba Iwatake ski resort. Switching from his regular live performance setup, ZHU delivers a memorable DJ set that will get everyone grooving.

The California native will takes viewers into a melodic deep house trance with enchanting views of the snow-capped mountains. The atmospheric synths with the driving grooves set a perfect tone for the scene. ZHU is working on his third studio album, creating a hype like no other for his fans. Since his hit-single ‘Faded‘, the music producer and singer creates music that hooks any electronic music fan right in.

Undoubtedly, every time we watch a Cercle live stream we want to be there with those select lucky fans. Their 2020 festival, to take play on May 30-31, will find a home at Paris’ National Museum of Air and Space. Uniquely as ever, the festival will features artists such as Black Coffee, ARTBAT, Amelie LensCharlotte de Witte, and many more.

For now, we get to experience unique locations and remarkable artists from the comfort of our own devices. Catch ZHU’s transcending live set down below:

ZHU live @ 白馬岩岳 Hakuba Iwatake

ZHU live @ 白馬岩岳 Hakuba Iwatake

Posted by Cercle on Monday, March 2, 2020


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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