Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris delivers second Love Regenerator Livestream

While DJs, producers and everyone else is currently social-distancing to slow down and eventually stop the spreading of the Coronavirus, we are currently being blessed with hundreds, if not thousands of live streams by artists around the world. This year, Calvin Harris has already blessed us with new music under his Love Regenerator‘ alias and is throwing down tunes regularly on his Love Regenerator live-stream.

On the second edition of the live stream, Calvin has added 2 more tracks to the ‘Love Regenerator‘ EP series and they remind us of the good old Calvin Harris tunes. While streaming, Calvin is also interacting a lot with his fans watching, allowing them to submit requests for the live stream set making some of his fans happy that they were able to contribute to what has been watched by thousands.

You can re-watch the whole stream and set, which starts at around minute 11, on YouTube below. We think that he still has a good few more tunes up his sleeve that he’s just waiting to play to keep the suspension until the full release of ‘Love Regenerator 3‘ which is available on major streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Let’s see what’s coming up next – we certainly can’t wait!


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