Feed Me

Feed Me – Coffee Black

Jon Gooch is definitely a producer who knows how to challenge himself in the industry by taking on two different alias’s which have both become recognized for their distinctive sound. On one hand you have Spor who can take over any dancefloor with his contagious energy of drum and bass signatures, and on the other hand you have Feed Me who has become recognized as one of mau5trap’s finest producers. While Feed Me has experimented with several genres including electro house and bass, Gooch’s imagination and creativity shines bright both through his music and visual production. Instantly making a name for himself after dropping classic’s such as “Existential Crisis” and “I Do Coke” which is a personal favorite of mine, Feed Me is back in the game to showcase his dubstep inspired sound with the release of “Coffee Black.” A tribute to his morning routine indeed.

Beginning with a young girl speaking softly to her father about the joy of laughter, the track unveils a series of sonic percussion’s and vibrant instrumentals to brighten up the room. Suddenly, Feed Me surprises his listeners with an explosion of mechanical drops and aggressive basslines to satisfy all those dubstep enthusiasts. As the track becomes more twisted over time, Feed Me is definitely going hard on this one. Through the use of a lengthy electric guitar chorus, it seems as if Feed Me is sharing his musical camouflages which range from uplifting melodies to intense bass fueled drops. Mind you, none of this comes as a surprise from Feed Me as he continues to dominate the industry with his multifaceted production style.

Listen to the track below and let us know if Feed Me has convinced you to take your ‘Coffee Black.’


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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