KSHMR announces his first plug-in ‘KSHMR Essentials’ via Splice

Staying at home without stepping out may sound like a lockdown to many, but it’s certainly a blessing in disguise for all the music producers out there. They can now spend all the time in their home studios doing what they do the best, especially when KSHMR keeps on supporting them with these valuable gifts every now and then. Just a few weeks after introducing Dharma Studio to support fellow producers, the American electro and big room house maestro has launched his own plug-in named “KSHMR Essentials.”

Arriving through Splice, it will also be available for rent at $4.99 per month apart from the usual buying options. This effort by KSHMR doesn’t come as much of a surprise because he has been helping emerging producers for quite some time now with sample packs and soundbanks. With this launch, he has joined the likes of Nicky Romero and Dada Life who have previously contributed to the industry in the form of their plug-ins Kickstart and Sausage Fattener, Endless Smile respectively.

Speaking about the utility of his new plug-in, he said

“It’s a powerhouse, putting all my favorite tools for vocals, synths, drums, kicks, and bass in one place. I think you’ll enjoy it.” – KSHMR

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Image Credit: Rukes.com

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