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Latest dance music releases to cheer yourself up when studying from home

Having to study from home can be extremely exhausting and boring, which is exactly when some of your favorite music comes into play. If you’re a fan of EDM, techno, house, and everything in between dance music and what to find some fresh sounds to listen to during your study sessions, you are in the right place, my friend. We have scanned dance music news for some new releases of some of the best artists of the genre, and below, you will find our recommendations as to what to turn on in the background while you study from home.

1. “Neon Future,” Steve Aoki

If you’re reading this article, we can only assume that you’re already familiar with previous works released by Steve Aoki, who has also been nominated for Grammy twice. The artist’s new album is a custom combination of trap, reggaeton, and dance-pop, and it is everything (and even a bit more) a music lover could’ve asked for. More than that, we also believe that listening to it while working on your school assignments will make you a great writer by promoting focus and providing inspiration. If not, you can get some online help from essay writing service with British experts so you won’t get get overwhelmed and will be able to enjoy the beauty of music on its own.

2. “Help,” Ghastly ft. Karra

Both Ghastly and Karra are among the most well-known and loved artists on the scene of contemporary music. Their most recent collaboration, “Help,” was definitely worth the wait during these first months of the year 2020. The work was introduced during the live performance held online by the artist on April 3, and the entire internet has been talking about it ever since. Ghastly mentioned that this track would (hopefully) help us get through the rest of the year, and let us tell you something; with the music like this, we can get through anything. Even through online education.

3. “Hold You Tonight,” Gryffin ft. Chris Lane

Every music lover agrees that combining two seemingly different styles of music can turn into something beautiful if done correctly. “Hold You Tonight” by Gryffin and Chris Lane is definitely one of the better examples that prove such a statement. Gryffin’s energizing tunes and Lane’s country-style vocals definitely make for a great, although a bit unexpected, combo. Besides, the release coincides with Gryffin’s wedding anniversary, and that’s just another reason for you to check out the track.

5. “WWCBD?” Alison Wonderland ft. Phem

Tiger King has seemingly been everywhere lately, and “WWCBD?” is not an exception. To be fair, we’re not at all mad at how the series inspired Alison Wonderland and Phem to collaborate on such an incredible piece of art. “Wat Wud Carol Baskin Do?” alludes to some of the characters of the docu-series. And while we may not know for sure what happened to actual characters in real life, we know one thing. This track, although produced in just two days, is wonderful and inspiring. All in all, we’re more than sure it will fit not only your study sessions but will also find its place in your daily playlist.

Music is definitely one of the greatest pleasures in life, which is why every essay writer knows it can also be a great way to cheer yourself up and an important part of your study routine. Regardless of whether you prefer EDM or house, the above list will be sure to lighten up your mood while you’re working on all of the school-related assignments. To make studying from home more enjoyable and productive, turn on some of the tunes we mentioned above, and you’ll be sure to conquer the world of academia.


Image Credit: Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

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