The Hotel Lobby


Coming straight out of California, THE HOTEL LOBBY are a DJ/production duo that are here to shake things up and go wild. Made up of MTV VMA 2017 winner Johnny Lee and MC wizard Tai. Between them both, they have a crazy amount of talent and their live shows offer something different to fans each time, combining the very best elements of live shows and DJ shows to give fans an experience that they won’t be able to stop talking about. Recently, they’ve honed in on their talents once more to create the extremely catchy track ‘Superfly’.

One for all you shufflers out there, ‘Superfly’ is one of those anthems that feels impossible to get out of your head – in the very best way. Something extremely upbeat and catchy is always appreciated in these current times, and THE HOTEL LOBBY know exactly how to deliver on that front and raise everyone’s spirits with their talent. Tai provides the catchy and repetitive vocals that make it easy to sing along to, and Johnny Lee helps the beat to transcend worlds. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot and nodding your head when the track starts, but it’s extremely difficult not to break out into a full on dance by the time the drop comes around.

If the track wasn’t enough, there’s an amazing music video accompaniment to the track. Featuring four amazing shufflers (Vanesa Seco, Elena Cruz, Mary Grace and Cici) who will make you want to get in on the dancing action, the full video is a display of fun and happiness which is always nice to see. You’ll wish you were part of the music video by the end of it, and it looks exactly how the track feels.

Listen to the track on Spotify here, and watch the fun music video below.


Image Credit: THE HOTEL LOBBY (Press)

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