Tomorrowland 2019

Tomorrowland reacts to cancellation speculations

Right now, there’s many rumours circulating the internet about the current state of the 2020 edition of Tomorrowland in regards to COVID-19 and whether they are cancelling or not. Although it is still too early to say for certain or make any concrete decisions, this hasn’t stopped everyone from weighing in their opinions on whether it should be cancelled or not. It’s still early days though, and in the mean time the Belgian government has not made any concrete choices on whether to stop Summer festivals in the country as of right now.

A Tomorrowland representative gave us the following statement in regards to the current situation:

“Sometimes something happens in the world and you get an uppercut that has far-reaching consequences. One major event after another is canceled worldwide. There is a lot of uncertainty because nobody really knows what the world will look like in a few months. We all realize that the festival summer is hanging on a thread and a little miracle will be needed to reverse this scenario. Tomorrowland is in close consultation with the local government and we are awaiting the instructions from the national government that we will follow closely at that time. It goes without saying that the well-being, health and safety of our visitors, crew, neighbors and everyone else involved is paramount.”

Health and safety is their number one concern for everyone involved in the festival, and the decision that they make in the following months leading up to July – when the festival takes place – will take this into consideration. In the meantime though, they are hosting exclusive DJ sets with some of the top DJs in the world for what they call ‘United Through Music’ which you can view here.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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