Carl Cox

Carl Cox delivers epic 2-hour Vinyl Session with 90’s rave classics: Watch

If you could name a DJ and crown him as the king of Techno, a lot of people would most likely name Carl Cox as the one. As we’re in lockdown to combat the spread of the Coronavirus without any physical events or festival happening anywhere at the moment, Carl Cox already released several new records and threw down a couple of live streams from his home that he titled ‘Carl Cox Cabin Fever‘.

The British DJ and producer and his famous ‘Oh yes, oh yes‘ line has been around for decades and is performing and almost every major festival all around the globe, bringing his groovy house and techno tunes to pretty much every corner of the world.

His latest stream, the 10th in the series, was particularly interesting as it had a very special theme, ‘Carl Cox Cabin Fever ’90s Rave Edition’. Now, if we look back at the ’90s, electronic music, has been a very niche genre and a lot of raves have been illegal, so going back to those days seems always special, since there is something intriguing about the sound from that age, and actually, a lot of DJ’s and producers still talk particularly about the pre-2000 era when they were active and how special each night was.

You can re-watch the whole stream on Cox’s Facebook page, so go ahead and get a taste of what some clubs and warehouses sounded like in the ’90s below.

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Image Credit: Carl Cox / Provided by Measure PR UK

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