deadmau5 talks new collaboration ‘Pomegranate’ with Zane Lowe

Working together with Pharrell’s old R&B group The Neptunes, Deadmau5 has revealed the creative processes behind their new release “Pomegranate” in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

In the discussion it appeared the idea for the rather unique collaboration had actually been knocking around for many years; it was only when Joel Zimmerman and Pharrell Williams met up in the studio that the idea properly came to fruition. Describing the collaboration as a “real” joy, Lowe quizzed the Canadian producer and DJ on how the track started to take shape and the inspiration behind it.

Deadmau5: “The track without Pharrell singing on it has actually been kicking around for 5 years just kinda sitting in my burner pile of ideas. I caught wind of them getting the band back together last year […] and Pharrell had a listen to that old demo then we met up in the studio in Miami”.

Obviously this unprecedented collaboration wasn’t just with Pharrell; Joel also worked with the other member of The Neptunes Chad Hugo. In more questioning, Zane Lowe tried to pinpoint what it was like to work with the famous duo, (known for previous works with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z), and how their production techniques differed.

Deadmau5: Well, when we were in Miami… My end, like I said, was more or less conceptualised and printed out and roughed in. There was really nothing I could do except for to sit in the back and crack jokes… and just watch them do their thing. Pharrell’s a busy guy. He literally walks into the studio, walks behind the mic, played the track and then just starts humming out word vomit. He got halfway through with no writing. […] So, the collaboration, I think really happens between everyone in the sense that they already know how to do their own thing and they do it. You do you, I’ll do me. I’ve already done me. Then, Chad will do Chad, and then that is the collaboration”.

For the full, insightful interview with Deadmau5 in which they discuss “Pomegranate” and their inspirations behind it in greater depth, follow the link here! 


Image Credit: | Transcript Credit: Zane Lowe on Apple Music

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