Disclosure announce new album and title track ‘ENERGY’

Disclosure has just announced they will be releasing a new album along with their title track ‘ENERGY’ along with a swanky music video directed by Kid Studio.  The album will be released on August 28th and is loaded with features such as Kehlani, Syd, Kelis, slowthai, and many more. ‘ENERGY’ will be following up with the English duo’s 2015 album ‘Caracal’ and is their second release of this year, the first being in February with their EP Ecstacy.

Our first taste of ‘ENERGY’ is the release of their title track which features a sample of preacher/motivational speaker Eric Thomas, whose voice may sound familiar to early Disclosure fans as it’s his sample that was also used in the iconic track ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’.  Thomas was also the inspiration behind the album title.  In a statement, the brothers explained his significance to the creation of their album.

When we found Eric many years ago, he was like a goldmine of inspirational quotes and motivational speeches. Even if he was speaking to a room of five, it was like he was addressing a stadium. He has an immense presence and energy about him that translates so well into music – especially house music. This time, we cut up various speeches to make something that makes sense. What he says is basically the whole concept for the record, that’s why it became the title track.”

The track in and of itself is a great cliffhanger to the album.  It has upbeat, tribal-like percussion guaranteed to get your feet tapping throughout the song.  Thomas’ voice also provides that extra push and dare we say…ENERGY, keeping his finger on the pulse of the track taking us all the way to end of the song.

Listen to ‘ENERGY’ below:

To check out Disclosure’s ‘ENERGY’ music video click here.


Image Credit: Rukes.com