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Lane 8 & Anderholm collaborate on brand new single ‘Roll Call’

Lane 8 & Anderholm have just released a new single titled ‘Roll Call’. Lane 8 (real name Daniel Goldstein) has had quite the year thus far. First, with the release of his album ‘Brightest Lights’, next with his single ‘Bear Hug’ and then with the surprise release of his mixtape ‘Groundhog day, a mixtape’. Goldstein calls upon fellow ‘This Never Happened’ artist Anderholm, who also collaborated with Goldstein on ‘Bluebird’, to give ‘Roll Call’ that extra push.

The track itself is a hypnotic journey of sound and synths. It opens up with rhymic “ticking” synths and a small bass pad previewing the main melody that comes a few seconds after alongside a rolling bassline. Every few measures there’s a short distorted vocal phrase that at first feels a little awkward and out of place, but rest assured toward the end of the song it all makes perfect sense and finds its home within the track. Small hi-hat cymbals and a delicate kick drum keep the synths grounded, but not with the slightest bit of force. Towards the end of the song, the melody repeats itself, giving and taking a few extra notes from the main theme, riding the drums all the way until the very end. All in all, this song is an adventure and the perfect antidote to a world in quarantine.

Much like all of our favorite artists during this time, Lane 8 performed a live-streamed set for Room Service Festival, an online festival that featured dozens of artists in which all proceeds went to ‘Sweet Relief‘, an organization dedicated to helping out artists/performers who have been affected by the current global pandemic.

Watch Lane 8’s set from Room Service Festival here.

Stream ‘Roll Call’ by Lane 8 & Anderholm below:

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