Porter Robinson at Hard Summer Music Festival 2016

Porter Robinson’s ‘Sad Machine’ turns 6 years old

American producer Porter Robinson is one of the most unique and inspiring artists in the scene currently. Over the years, he’s showed his versatility in many ways, exploring many genres before settling with his signature emotional sound that his massive fanbase have come to know and fall in love with. If you’re a fan, you’ll know exactly where you were the moment his debut album Worlds‘ dropped and shook up the electronic scene for good, and now we’re celebrating the sixth anniversary of track two of the album, ‘Sad Machine’.

It’s hard to believe this song has been in our lives for six whole years now, but time flies by quickly. Released on May 13, 2014 as the second single from ‘Worlds’ following behind ‘Sea of Voices’ and then ‘Lionhearted’ later on. Writing, producing and performing the track entirely himself, ‘Sad Machine’ was truly a career-defining track. Becoming the first track to feature his vocals, it opened up a whole new world for him and his musical abilities. Another groundbreaking part of the track was him using Avanna – a vocaloid software – as the lead vocals, with him coming in to duet with the software, making it a duet between a human and robot in which people had not really seen before in this capacity.

Surprisingly, it was the last track he wrote for the album but has become the most played track out of the other 11 on Spotify. Not only is it a fantastic production, but has become essential within his shows, with the first few piano notes sending screams of excitement throughout the crowds even years down the line. A quote from Porter Robinson, when asked about the choice to sing live during his Worlds Live shows, states that it felt like the right call for the song.

A truly iconic and timeless track with many special memories tied to it, take a trip down memory lane and re-listen to ‘Sad Machine’ below.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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