ZHU & Tinashe team up on soulful new single ‘Only’: Listen

ZHU just released a soulful new single with R&B vocalist Tinashé called ‘Only’. The release comes after ZHU teased fans on Instagram of a definite release along with a pre-save option.

American DJ/producer ZHU (real name Steven Zhu) began his career anonymously, asking for fans and musicians alike to only judge him based off of his music, until 2014 when he publically began gaining notoriety, thus leading up to his debut album release ‘Generationwhy’ which peaked at #1 on the US Dance charts. ZHU’s second studio album, ‘Ringos Desert’ was released in 2018 with collaborations including indie/psy-rock producer and musician Tame Impala.

‘Only’ sets a mood akin to The Weeknd‘s ‘Call Out My Name’ and ‘Often’. The song opens up with a spotlight on the guitar, it has a nice tremolo effect to welcome us to the world of ‘Only’. As for the vocals, a few seconds later, they are soaked in reverb and autotune. In ZHU’s case, he uses autotune to his advantage and focuses the leading synths to help paint the portrait of a short-worded story. The synths are thick, the bass takes control but the vocals put the icing on the cake. Lyrics call, ‘All me, mama put it on me I’m her child, I’m the only’. This track is sexy and vulnerable, making us feel as if we need an invitation just to listen. The heart of the song has compelling components with clicking synths and a deep kick drum trudging all the way until the very end.

Listen to ZHU & Tinashé’s ‘Only’ below:


Image Credit: Rukes.com