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Oliver Heldens delivers ‘set of the year’ contender at The Royal Concertgebouw: Watch

Oliver Heldens Wow! That was one hell of a set. If you’re yet to experience the wonder of what happened on Friday evening in the Netherlands, the Heldeep maestro performed a very special set from inside The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. A stunning 2,000 capacity venue which was given the ‘royal’ title in 1988 by Queen Beatrix, the iconic building was – due to COVID-19 – fully empty on this occasion, as Oli’s crew all obeyed social distancing measures, but even by the ‘Gecko‘ producer’s incredibly high-standards, this one was a real career highlight!

Starting off with the intro edit of his own masterpiece ‘Melody’, which recently turned 5 years old, Heldens whirled through a series of more radio-friendly commercial hits to start with, such as his own banger ‘This Groove’ and Riton collab ‘Turn Me On (Dr. Love)’. Oli, dressed in full format attire, then debuted a heap of new music, much to the delight of viewers all around the globe, airing his forthcoming Heldeep tracks ‘Set Me Free‘ and ‘Break The Habit’. With Heldens previously announcing that he’s got so much new music ready-made that he’s going to release a full album, we can’t wait to hear more of these piping hot IDs!

Taking things to a darker tone during the second half of the set, Oliver Heldens transformed into his HI-LO alias to drop a series of new IDs such as ‘Zeus’ and pumped a range of dark techno productions into the empty arena. If there’s one thing we’ve loved about lockdown, it’s been seeing so many sets in incredibly iconic locations like this one! This one, produced as part of the Digital Mirage Online Festival, is arguably the set of the year so far, so check out the full performance below and have a gander of the full track-list right here thanks to our good friends at 1001Tracklists! Great work, Master Heldens!


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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