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Ibiza announces that it’s clubs will not open in 2020

Bad news for those who still had hopes about an eventual reopening of Ibiza’s clubs in the second half of 2020. In an official statement, the group The Night League that manages some of the most recognizable brands in the industry in the last 20 years such as Ushuaïa Ibiza, Hï Ibiza and ANTS informs its fans that according to a decision made by the Balearic Government, clubs will not be allowed to open in Ibiza in this season.

The newspaper Diario de Ibiza published this information with the aggravating fact that there is a possibility that there will be no events in Ibiza in 2021 until there is a vaccine for the population or an effective treatment regarding COVID-19. In some business models, such as those that only offer music and their clients can remain seated, it opens up the possibility of allowing them to work, but with very strict health security conditions and “reducing their hours”.

It is likely that we will not be able to party in clubs and festivals in summer 2020. However, the current climate needs responsibility in preventing lives from being less impacted due to the current pandemic. We hope that a vaccine will be available soon and we can overcome this situation.

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