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Group Therapy Flashback: Above & Beyond dominate London’s Steel Yard [Magazine Featured]

During the London premiere of their ‘Giving Up The Day Job’ docu-movie in early 2018, British trio Above & Beyond had assured their native fans that their upcoming Steel Yard performance was to serve as their most special stop on their worldwide ‘Common Ground’ tour. Their promise soon became one of the biggest understatements of the year as the silhouettes of not one, or even two, but all three Anjuna chefs, strode out into the spotlight, ready to cook up a delicious meal from their progressive kitchen, to the 10,000 diners packed inside the 20m high Steel Yard structure. But even for the most arduous of Anjunabeats fans, few could have imagined the gargantuan size of what was in store on this gloriously sunny day in the UK capital a full two years ago.


From the off, it was clear the Group Therapy boys were intent on delivering their A-Game, fizzing through a diverse mix of some of their greatest anthems, including Richard Bedford collaboration ‘Northern Soul’ and ‘We Are All We Need’ favourite ‘Peace of Mind’. There was even a beautifully atmospheric club mix of the usually soothing ballad ‘Always’, which left very few eyes dry, and a few heart-pounding surprises too. The first arriving, when a green flicker soon began to shine into the crowd, and on the drop of Virtual Self‘s ‘Ghost Voices‘, an array of Eric Prydz-like lasers shot out into the arena, flying over the rabid crowd’s flailing arms. With Pryda himself performing in the very same Steel Yard exactly one year before during his EPIC 5.0 performance, you can only imagine that the Swede had passed on his pyro tips to the trio.

Above & Beyond also played out the special 2015 EDC Las Vegas mix of ‘Walter White’, featuring the vocal announcement from Bryan Cranston, aka Heisenberg. And yet still found time for their ‘big three’,


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