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Tomorrowland is considering hosting 3 weekends in 2021

After the news that Eric Prydz will be performing and bring his HOLOSPHERE show back to Tomorrowland in 2021, there’s more news on the possibility that Tomorrowland will be held on 3 weekends, rather than 2 which has been the case for the past years.

Currently, Tomorrowland is directing all their efforts towards their digital festival that was announced last week, which will take place on the last weekend in July, as this year’s edition is postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by GVA, a Belgian news website, ATV has learned that organizers are indeed considering adding a third weekend for Tomorrowland 2021. The intention is, to partially make up for the economic impact from this year’s postponement of the summer edition, the cancellation of Tomorrowland Winter, and that this is not planned for future years, so spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen said. No discussions or decisions on this matter have been made just yet.

While 1 year is still far away and organizations are confident that they’ll be able to host events in the future, but they will be monitoring the situation over the coming months.

The mayor of Rumst also acknowledged the idea of having three weekends next year, as the economic impact is not only on Tomorrowland but also the municipalities Rumst and Boom, where the festival is held, as they’re losing 700,000 and 1.3 million euro respectively this year. An official statement is not available at this time, as the proposal has not been officially submitted and is at a very early stage.

Let’s hope that Tomorrowland can make up for the losses of this year, with an additional weekend next year as well as with the digital festival as well. On another note, feel free to check our editorial on the story of Tomorrowland in May edition of our magazine here.

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