Türküm – Heartbreak & Regrets (Album)

The emerging Turkish music producer Türküm has quickly established a noteworthy reputation in the industry, despite being relatively new to the dance music scene. Having previously released his productions on labels like Elysian Records and Lowly Palace, the artist has made the best use of the lockdown period by dropping his second album in a couple of years, titled “Heartbreak & Regrets.” As the name suggests, the theme of this melodic-bass LP is divided into parts that deal with two of the most complex emotions surrounding human psychology.

At the forefront, the album introduces itself with the opening track “Maverick” inspired by cinematic arrangements and dark bass sequences. Next up is the melodic bass banger “Wait For Me” that is blessed with a catchy vocal break and an intense build-up followed by a powerful enthralling drop. After that, we are introduced to the track “Games” that boasts a dark chord-progression and hypnotic male vocals, followed by “As Long As I Got“.

The next theme of Heartbreak & Regrets is kicked-off with the immensely melodic interlude “Prayers,” which makes way for a couple of more melodic productions, namely “Killing My Dream” and “Running Through My Mind”. At last, the LP is concluded by the track “Nightrider“, which is the only techno influence in this masterpiece by Türküm.

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Image Credit: Türküm (Press)

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