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Armin van Buuren & Nicky Romero to unveil new collab ‘I Need You To Know’: Preview

The two household Dutch icons Armin van Buuren & Nicky Romero have teamed up for the first time to unleash their first collab together titled ‘I Need You To Know‘ featuring vocals by IFIMAY. This promising track between the two legends is coming out this Friday July 10th on Armada Music and Protocol Recordings.

Earlier today, the two electronic dance music heavyweights announced they would be joining forces to present a highly-anticipated collaboration that fans have been asking for ages, and especially this year, after their first project together when Nicky Romero remixed Armin’s track ‘Unlove You‘ this past November. During all these years, although they represent different subgenres, as two first class record label owners, their main goal has been to strive and work to bring the best talent and freshest music to their respective imprints, which has made of a collaboration between these two artists something almost close to an impossible task. However, they have managed to reach to an agreement so both parts were in a win-win situation and now they’re bringing a fresh track that will be out through both of their labels.

After their track announcement, a lot of fans did not know what kind of song we were going to get. Nevertheless, there have been some leaks on Youtube, after Nicky Romero teased it for the first time in his livestream set at Live We Are NRG on Saturday. The song is definitely more prone to Nicky’s style with a classic but amazing  energetic progressive house drop accompanied by IFIMAY’s melancholic vocals. However, in the construction of the track and lead sounds we appreciate a lot the influence and style from Armin obtaining a fantastic musical outcome. Pre-save the track here.

Listen to the new track from Armin van Buuren and Nicky Romero ‘ I Need You To Know’ below:


Image Credit: Ruud Baan / Provided by Armada PR

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