Kaskade & Colette release ‘When I’m With You’ to celebrate Om Records’ 25th anniversary

American legend Kaskade has teamed up with Chicago-based vocalist Colette in a new track titled ‘When I’m With You‘ that celebrates Om Records25 year anniversary after its foundation back in 1995. As two of the most historic artists in the roster of the imprint, they have joined forces for this very special occasion. The track, which is out now, will be added in the Om Records – 25 Years compilation coming out on July 10th.

Om Records was the label that saw the 49-year old producer grow as an artist. Through the label be released his first two music albums ‘It’s You, It’s Me‘ in 2003 and ‘In the Moment‘ in 2004. Om Records was the platform that gave him the opportunity and visibility to make his first steps in the industry and went on to become the living legend he is now, being part of the select group of electronic music artists to have more than 5 grammy nominations, with a total of 7. For Colette, Om records is no less special. The singer put out tracks like ‘Hypnotized’ in 2005 and ‘Push’ in 2007 as well as multiple collaborations with Kaskade like their record ‘I Like The Way’ or Kaskade’s remixes for Colette such as ‘Feelin’ Hypnotized’, ‘I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On’ and ‘What Will She Do For Love’.

This majestic record that will be added in the 25 year album along with 25 more new and classic songs, is a classic signature Kaskade emotional deep house song that any long-time fan will absolutely love. As such an undisputed icon, Kaskade has triumphed yet again with this majestic track which will be his 10th song of the year; after tracks like ‘Sexy’ or ‘Find Love’ included in his latest Redux 004 EP. 

Listen to Kaskade and Colette’s new track ‘When I’m With You’ below:


Image Credit: Rukes.com

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