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Paul van Dyk’s postponed album ‘Guiding Light’ gets new release date

Trance royalty Paul van Dyk’s 10th studio album was set to be released earlier this year, but due to COVID-19, the dance-centric album was postponed, and was replaced with a nostalgic rework EP instead. Now, three months later, we have finally received a rescheduled date for the release of the highly anticipated ‘Guiding Light’ album.

Set to be released on the 28th of August, ‘Guiding Light’ is the result of three years of creative, and personal, development. After his horrific on-stage injury in 2016, van Dyk has was pushed both mentally and physically, and has used this album as his way of processing the accident, resulting in his most personal album yet.

He made the announcement on Twitter:

According to PVD’s website, the album has been significantly influenced by his own book; Im Leben Bleiben (Holding On To Life):

“To a considerable degree, ‘Guiding Light’s release is the outcome of a book – specifically Paul’s Im Leben Bleiben (Holding On To Life), which was published last year. Writing it helped PvD begin to clarify much of what happened to him mentally and physically after the accident. Through it came a greater perspective understanding of the toll, all before (and against considerable odds) he started to harness that clarity into something positive, artistic and inspirational.”

And we certainly cannot wait to hear it. Preorder Paul van Dyk ‘Guiding Light’ here. 


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