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5 Sound Design Courses for Electronic Music / EDM producers

One of the most important factors in music production, thanks to which you are able to stand out from others and thus be noticed, is sound design. This is particularly evident in the world of bass music, where the fastest popularity and recognition among heavyweights and labels are given to producers whose songs sound very different from others. The best example of this is for example Moore Kismet, whose latest EP released in Never Say Die Records is admired by probably everyone from the scene. Other examples of sound design masters are G Jones, Flume, Space Laces, or Virtual Riot. Below we have gathered five – devoted to completely different elements – the best sound design courses that will be useful for you at the beginning of your romance with sound, will present the functionality of some plug-ins from the inside, and maybe contribute to the creation of “this one song”.


List of the best 5-sound design courses for beginner producers:

1. Seppa Analog Bass Patch Sound Design – €16.82

2. Producertech Designing Leads with NI Massive – €22.44

3. Subject Sound Sound Design Foundations$75.00

4. Sylenth1 Sound Design Course – €13.00 – €27.00

5. Production Music Live Xfer SERUM + Sound Design – €13.00 – €27.00

Read the short descriptions of all listed courses, watch some previews, and make the right decision in choosing the right one(s).


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Top 5 Sound Design Courses:


1. Seppa Analog Bass Patch Sound Design – €16.82

In this intensive course from acclaimed UK-based producer Seppa, you’ll increase an unmatched comprehension of the amazing Analog Ableton Live synthesizer. Enjoying some real success after the arrival of his dull and climatic Displaced EP, Seppa is a producer increasing an army of fans for his extraordinary capacity to make tracks mixed with unimaginable dispositions and sections. The course is divided in seven different modules.



2. Producertech Designing Leads with NI Massive – €22.44

On the course, Producertech’s producer Liam O’Mullane shares his broad sound plan information, strolling you through the formation of an assortment of contrasting lead sounds. The patches utilize Massive’s abilities, from complex advancing sounds constrained by macros, to musical sounds with steering and envelope planning taking into consideration many-sided molding of the tone. The course finishes up with two or three extra modules showing a couple of compositional tips to assist you with making compelling tunes.



3. Subject Sound Sound Design Foundations$75.00

You will get familiar with an entire scope of stunts and methods that you can promptly apply to your music, yet the genuine objective of this course is to increase a superior comprehension of sound and why it works the manner in which it does. After the Sound Design Foundations course you will be able to identify the different characteristics of any sound, create more defined sounds, understand different synthesis types or even master the newest Synths, VST’s and stand-alone applications.



4. Sylenth1 Sound Design Course – €13.00 – €27.00

Another great Production Music Live course here. Thanks to Sylenth1 Sound Design Course you will be richer in knowledge about wavetables, modulation, interface and signal flow in Sylenth1, step modes, FX sound design or, of course, creative sound design. Besides 4 hours of video and 30 studio lessons you’ll get 80+ Sylenth1 “Future Essentials” presets in bonus. All presets designing in the course are included!



5. Production Music Live Xfer SERUM + Sound Design – €13.00 – €27.00

Beginning with the rudiments, you will figure out how to make sounds that fit consummately into your own tracks, build up your own presets and sound interesting. Thanks to PML you learn new techniques and apply them to your own tracks. In Xfer SERUM + Sound Design course you are getting 5 hours online video lessons and 30+ studio sessions, and will go through basics of synthesis with Serum, layering and sound stacking, bass sound design & much more.






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