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Beatport reinstates dedicated page for Hard Techno

Beatport, one of the most influential marketplaces in the electronic music scene, has just announced that they are bringing back a dedicated page for the Hard Techno genre. As time progressives, and music evolves, this is a required task from time to time and one of the most recently genres added by the platform was organic house/downtempo.

Based on feedback that Beatport has received, from industry-leading labels as well as artists, distributors, and fans, Beatport decided that it is time to reinstate and dedicate a whole page solely for these sub-genres. With that, there will be some minor changes to the definitions on the platform and marketplace. The music labeled ‘Hard Techno’ will be coming from the genres that are currently labeled as ‘Techno’, this being ‘Peak Time’, ‘Driving’, ‘Hard’ as well as ‘Raw’, ‘Deep’ and ‘Hypnotic’. While ‘Peak Time’, ‘Driving’, ‘Hard’ will be labeled as Techno (Peak Time/Driving).

“It is a pleasure to see the Hard Techno genre reappear on Beatport. This will allow me to refine my selections further.” – Shlømo

The harder side of the Techno genre has been increasingly popular in recent years, so the expectations are high that a community will be built around the genre and it will also have its dedicated Top 100 chart, for artists to effectively measure their releases.

“Many labels and artists, including myself, were absolutely gutted when the Hard Techno was combined with Peak Time/Driving. The two styles of music have actually moved farther apart, with more melodic techno at one end of the spectrum and harder faster music at the other. I’m very glad to have the Hard Techno genre back. I once again feel that I am part of a scene and belong to a sound of music that is relevant to my label. Good call, Beatport.” – D.A.V.E. The Drummer

Check out the new landing page for hard techno here and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself discovering a new genre for yourself, or you get to re-immersive yourself in music you already love.


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