Bob Moses – Desire

Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses return for their fourth studio album ‘Desire.’ The six-track record features the duo’s minimalistic electronic sound paired with trance-inducing vocals. The perfectly crafted album takes listeners on a musical journey from start to finish.

‘Desire’ transitions from song to song seamlessly, making it an album that is meant to be heard from beginning to end. Comprised of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, Bob Moses spotlight their eclectic and insane sound design on ‘Desire’ to make perfect, minimalistic productions. ‘Desire’ radiates a heavier electronic, DJ-oriented sound, whereas their last album ‘Battle Lines’ was performed with a live band. With a massive collaboration with ZHU, the album will resonate with any electronic music aficionado.

The dark and powerful concept album by the Vancouver-raised duo highlights different themes of desires. Jimmy Vallance highlights:

“We realized that all of the themes we were discussing were all about the different facets of desire as a concept, whether it can set you free, lead you to ruin, how you present a certain side of yourself in an effort to please others, how you interact with other people, your perception of other people, etc… So all the lyrical ideas were meditations on this idea of desire as a concept, and we always originally wanted to make the tracks that we put on this release continually mixed together because of the inspiration from the DJ set world.”

Make sure to check out this stellar album by Bob Moses down below, as they continue to create their musical lane in the industry.


Image Credit: Zach Michael

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