Carnage & The Martinez Brothers – Together (ft. Elderbrook & Mike Dean)

Diamanté Anthony Blackmon who is also referred to as Carnage is an inspiration to many around the world. After growing up in Guatemala and coming to America at 10-years-old knowing very little English, Carnage has evolved to become a globally recognized producer with an ability to explore several different genres including hip-hop, festival trap, and even house music. Gaining the respect of his fans with a surprise collaboration even we were not expecting, Carnage has come “Together” with The Martinez Brothers to truly display his growth as an artist by incorporating both house and techno elements into this vibrant single. Featuring no other than Elderbrook and Mike Dean, if you are in need of an irresistibly smooth single on repeat, this one is for you.

Released on Ultra Music, the single welcomes listeners into the musical worlds of Carnage, The Martinez Brothers, Elderbrook, and Mike Dean. Infusing pacifying vocals and a breathtaking piano melody, “Together” really is the perfect name for the single as it seamlessly elevates each of the artist’s unique styles. Progressing into a taste of house beats intertwined with percussive techno elements, Elderbrook’s soft croonings carry into a mirage of synths. Undeniably putting listeners into a trance-like state as the deep melody continues to transform over time, it is safe to say Carnage’s forward-thinking production style never disappoints.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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