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England opens up venues amidst protests and COVID-19 cases

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has greenlighted the re-opening of venues as soon as this past weekend for England. In addition, Boris allowed the reopening of theatres and sports events with socially distanced fans. However, is this the correct choice?

According to BBC News, more than 300 venues turned their lights red as part of the Red Alert campaign which protested against the government’s control of the pandemic. Renowned venues such as Royal Albert Hall heavily protested, taking it to Twitter:

The 7-day rolling average shows an incline in new cases in the United Kingdom, leaving many people questioning Boris Johnson’s decision to re-open public gatherings in England. Many countries around the world are re-opening bars, clubs, and restaurants but are now seeing a similar surge in cases of the COVID-19 virus.

Economically, the live-music industry and the nightlife industry have taken a massive hit all around the world. Cases are still soaring in many places, and public gatherings tend to be a hotspot for surges, so with time, we will see if the Prime Minister’s decision is adequate and will not have to close once again like Spain. Localised restrictions remain in place in areas of a high proportion of cases across the UK, so the areas with the worst rate of COVID-19 currently will remain under lockdown, and any events that do take place follow social distancing protocols, so there are a number of precautions still in play.

We will keep you updated on any developing news.

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