Pendulum could be releasing new single ‘Nothing For Free’ soon

The rumour mill is forever running rampant in the music industry, but it’s the rumours related to big artists that always cause a frenzy. Drum and bass band Pendulum always cause a stir no matter what they do, even though they have not released new music of their own in quite a while but that could possibly change soon. When they came back for their show at Ultra Music Festival in 2016, they set fans ablaze with excitement and even more so when they were set to play a bunch more this year (before the COVID-19 outbreak began), and it seemed like Pendulum were back in full force.

A user on the social media platform Reddit in the r/Pendulum sub-reddit cleverly spotted something new recently. Fans had been uploading videos to YouTube of the band playing a brand new track ‘Nothing For Free’ for a while now ever since they teased it, but new copyright claims have been popping up. Obviously copyright claims aren’t something new, but it’s the fact that they have only just started appearing with the track name and has been licensed to YouTube by Earstorm Records. This generally means the track is out, or is coming out pretty soon so it’s safe to say that we could possibly expect a release at any moment.

In addition to this, some people are also getting hit with copyright claims for another new track named ‘Driver. Could Pendulum be planning a string of singles for a release soon? Keep an eye on our website and We Rave You socials for news as soon as it happens!

Nothing For Free & Driver Copyright Claims are showing up on certain Youtube cuts now from Pendulum


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