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The resurgence of EDM and Virtual Reality during a global pandemic [Magazine Editorial]

Although we can’t come together to enjoy live music at the moment, we have discovered multiple ways in which we can still get up close and personal with our favourite artists during these difficult times. Recently, we have seen major artists, promoters and events organisers find relief in the digital world amidst the pandemic, with innovative online festivals and live streams galore. However, unbeknownst to some, even more immersive virtual experiences have been on offer and on the rise across the music industry, as fans and artists alike are turning to virtual reality, otherwise known as VR, for their essential dose of dance music content.
Perhaps VR music experiences haven’t truly taken off as much as we may have expected in the past few years, but, in the past few months, we have identified a sudden surge of successful new projects coming out of the woodwork.

In the spirit of this unprecedented digital craze, we are going to take you through some of the incredible interactive virtual reality experiences you may have missed, that have recently transcended the realms of EDM during these challenging times. Not only that, but we’ll offer an insight into how VR might be about to pick up momentum once more with some of the innovative events scheduled in the year ahead; you can then continue to escape the troubles of real life and watch your favourite electronic artists perform in the virtual world! 

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