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Trance Revisited: 2000-2005 [Magazine Editorial]

Whilst some genres flicker in and out of the spotlight over the years, few manage to maintain their momentum and stay at the top of the industry. House and disco, two unbeatable genres for their longevity and continuous evolution; techno, the driving force of the underground scene; trance, the home of euphoria and joy. The latter of those three has well and truly stood the test of time, with big names of yesteryear continuing to deliver, and the new prospects of the modern age propelling the genre forward, whilst not forgetting its past.

Recent years have seen the psy-trance sub-genre explode into the fray, but that has certainly not made the more classic sub-genres back off. Though the evolution of trance in the modern era is similar to that of house and techno – constantly changing and adapting within sub-genres to satisfy a range of listeners – nothing prompts inspiration more than enjoying some old favourites. You can be sure that a lot of modern day producers were inspired by trance in the 90’s and 00’s, so here at We Rave You we’ve decided to revisit some of the biggest tracks from those eras, not to provide a best/worst list as such, but to remind you of the sound that birthed so many of your present festival acts. Welcome to Trance Revisited: 2000-2005.


A flashback to the turn of the millennium, and following the success of trance in the 1990’s, the 2000’s had a lot to deliver. Step forward York. The now-iconic release of ‘On The Beach’ took the world by storm back in 1999, but it was Mauro Picotto’s CRW Remix that really took the track to another level in 2000. A track that you would still hear blasted around the white isle of Ibiza, this trance anthem was at the heart of a thriving scene driven by the likes of Picotto from the 90’s into the 00’s with ease. Contrasting the melodies of ‘On The Beach’ was Push with ‘Strange World’. Aptly titled due to the track’s continuous feel of mystery and space-aged sounds, this release was a lot more simplistic in melody but played a prominent part in the scene at the time, and has to be up there with the best of its year.



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